Tonight We're Going To Give It 35%

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Here's your question and answer of the week from the Punknews Formspring:

Q: Why have you remained mum on Buzz Media-related questions?

A:We really haven't. I'm a low man on the punknews pole and don't really like to get all into the business end of things but others have answered in comments section and through direct contact. I'd write about nothing but jokes and Batman if time permitted. It doesn't though. Anyhow, here's the rough copy from the higher ups. I'm not really adding anything because I don't want to cause any confusion:
BuzzMedia handles all of our advertising. They do this for a number of music and lifestyle websites and as such we're a member of their advertising network. Ads pay our bills.

1. Who owns content? (You do, except for a non-exclusive license to the site)

2. Does Buzz Media exert any influence? (No, and no one can because FCC regulations require disclosure of any paid editorial content. We can post news from an advertiser, but we can't promise a good review to anyone, etc.)

3. Did anyone make us write about Band X, Y or Z? (No, see question 2. Still illegal, big fines and not ethical regardless).
(Back to Rich's opinion)
It's like you kids have never seen ads on the internet. I know you get your music for free but bandwidth and shit still costs money.


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