Check out the new video by Turbonegro!

Check out the new video by Turbonegro!

Today, Punknews is THRILLED to debut the new video by Norwegian Nutbags, Turbonegro!

This one takes the cake, people.Titled "The Rock And Roll Machine Part I-III," the track opens with a little bit of Van Halen style synth before suddenly snapping into a down-and-dirty, New York Dolls meets AC/DC style knuckleduster! TurboNegro have always been totally weird, and they've always totally rocked, and they're doing both here in top form.

Speaking to Punknews, the band said, "Basically the suite is excerpts from the first three tracks of the new Turbonegro ROCKNROLL MACHINE album combined in a short short movie animated and directed by LA artist Thomas Lynch III, using his trademark paintbrush technique. The basic storyline is the Denim Alpha Recruits (i.e. Turbonegro) being transformed into The Rock And Roll Machine; half flesh, half chrome, half binary instinct. Thus Turbonegro singlehandedly, in the midst of a dark and difficult age for rock music and culture, are securing the future of rock."

The band's new album is out now via the great Burger Records and you can pick it up right here. Meanwhile, check out the new video below, right now!

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Sleep releases new track

Sleep has released a new track that is not part of their recently released album, The Sciences. The new song is called "Leagues Beneath" and is part of the Adult Swim Single sSeries. Check it out right here.

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Shark Party release "Chum" EP

Shark Party release “Chum” EP

UK trio Shark Party have released a new EP. Chum, which qualifies more as an extended EP (8 songs), is out now via streaming services and CD. The band will be out on a brief tour around their native UK at the end of the month and into June.

You can check out the track "The Lights Are Off But Someone's Home," as well as those tour dates, below.

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Rise Against

Rise Against announce new album

Chicago's Rise Against have announced they will be releasing a compilation album entitled The Ghost Note Symphonies Vol.1. The album will contain re-imagined songs from their discography and will be released July 27. They posted on Twitter that the songs will be ‘stripped down, with alternate instrumentation, unique orchestration, and a surprise or two’. Along with this they have also released a video for ‘House On Fire’, the first song taken from the album. Watch the video below.

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