Jason Heller talks about growing up with Jawbreaker

The Onion's less satirical younger brother, the AV Club has put together an interesting feature called What does it mean to grow up with a band?. The piece, written by Jason Heller, looks at his love for Jawbreaker and how it's changed over the years since he first heard the band back in 1992 with the Chesterfield King EP. (That EP was actually remastered and bundled with Bivouac for a reissue last week.) He explained:

Growing up with a band is a tricky thing. Sometimes you intimately align with a group's music, only the group itself is way past its prime, which means you don't get the chance to age along with it. Jawbreaker, however, aged alongside me. I still listen to Jawbreaker on a regular basis. Schwarzenbach's songs--even the ones he wrote in his early 20s--bear the mark of an old soul. I'm 40 now, and they still speak to me, whereas a lot of the emotional monologues of today's 20-something songwriters can ring ridiculous in my ears.

Check it out here.