One Dollar Short - Eight Days Away (Cover Artwork)

One Dollar Short

Eight Days Away (2002)


One Dollar Short are one of the hardest working bands in Australia at the moment playing hundreds of shows and constantly touring. The first full length from this New South Wales Central Coast band has been eagerly awaited. Eight Days Away is an album loaded with catchy pop punk with an emo edge but it's not quite emo-punk. The album kicks of with "Shots Were Fired" fast paced with some clever use of vocal harmonies and distortions. This is a personal favourite of mine.

The second track "Is This The Part" has been getting an enormous amount of airplay throughout Australia. This song is pure pop punk, again with a backing of vocal harmonies and contains some catchy hooks. The subject matter, as you can guess, is mainly relationships but it is written in a thoughtful and mature way and the best of these songs is "Satellite". This is pretty fast, the intro is reminiscent of early Blink 182 and the song contains some delicious melodies.

Immediately following Satellite is "Colour Red", a somewhat harder song with vocal distortions and screaming effects at the end. This album is a mix of pop-punk and emo with some harder elements thrown in for good measure, the vocals are excellent and the guitar is melodic and catchy. One thing I did find with this album was that I wasn't sure which song I was listening to and the songs seem to suffer from a similar structure but it was an enjoyable disc and I recommend it to those who enjoy pop-punk but with a slight spin on it.