Lazy Mary - Crazy Hairy [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Lazy Mary

Crazy Hairy [7-inch] (2010)

Mountain Man

Lazy Mary's Crazy Hairy 7" starts off promising enough with a chugging, punky beat. Then the vocals kick in, and it progressively gets...egh. I mean, there can be vocals that are abrasive, and then there's annoying, the latter of which this unfortunately crosses over into. And musically, Crazy Hairy is doing nothing to help matters.

There's definitely a grungy riot grrrl/early '90s Kill Rock Stars tone to the whole EP, which could give it an interesting enough vibe, but still, musically this is largely limp and saggy. The aggressive moments ("Loogy Clap") are too off kilter to feel at all powerful. The lazy sounding "Last Queen" sounds like it's in need of a boost of adrenaline, and the lo-fi, awkwardly shaky vocals running through it do nothing for it in that regard. "Loogy Clap" makes better sense of that apathetic, dirty chug, but not by much.

Track 4, "NAZRAT", is finally where some energy seems apparent, but the pacing is driven with a pretty generic stomp; it's worth little more than a head bob, though the fussy, spastic percussion fills are a nice touch. The eerier , slow-paced strums of "Shiza Minnelli" seem promising, but after a minute or so, it becomes apparent the song may not be going anywhere...which it doesn't seem to do.

I'd say riot grrrl aficionados might dig this, but there has to be some remotely selective distinction to those tastes, which Lazy Mary may just not meet.

Crazy Hairy EP