Angleworm - Humdinger! (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Humdinger! (2010)


Angleworm could already be on their way to the Orgcore Hall of Fame with an EP like this.

Humdinger! offers up four songs with a type of rough-around-the-edges everyone here can't seem to get enough of. If you dig everything in the spectrum between the Lawrence Arms and Like Bats, throw this on the pile. From the insistent power chords and gravelly force of opener "Pilgrim" to the early Banner Pilot-esque, punctually spit vocals of "Negative Surplus Value", to the thoughtful guitar strums opening closer "Hey Buddy, Got a Quarter?" only to lead into a hard-charged romper, Angleworm establish their sound stably and well. Lyrics are actually not awful, either.

A recording courtesy of the nearly legendary Dead Air Studios gives the bed of distortion a firm and endearingly raw foundation.

Sure, this is highly unoriginal, and Angleworm have about 98,475,894 other bands competing for a last-minute spot at The Fest, but they're doing an admittedly decent take on a well-worn and well-loved style. Definitely worth keeping an ear out.

Hey Buddy, Got a Quarter?