Pitch Black - Pitch Black (Cover Artwork)

Pitch Black

Pitch Black (2002)


What would you get if you took the music and singing style of new AFI, stirred in some aggression and lyrics from the old Misfits, the guitar sounds of former Nerve Agent Kevin Cross, and threw in a dash of good ol' fashioned rock'n roll? You would create the new dark punk band Pitch Black. After doing a successful split with the Enemies on Lookout, a 7" on Cheetah Records, and the soundtrack for the noir cartoon "Swing Town" Pitch Black is poised to take over the scene with their first full length "Pitch Black."

The album opens with one of the best songs I have heard in a while, "the Wrath" with the fast aggressive playing of Cross and the screaming of bassist Martin Munroe just get in the mood for good album. Many of the songs here sound like a mix between the newer AFI and the classic Misfits. They are hardcore, yet at the same time there is a melodic side running through each song. They do have a keyboards in the band, but most of his contributions are just in the intro and endings of the songs where he provides a spooky organ sound, which lasts until the rest of the band comes in with an intensity that needs to be heard. The lyrical content usually revolves around gothic topics such as graves, death, and all that good stuff. They do some cheesy horror movies lyrics on "Scientific Method" which is about being a mad scientist in a lab. They do take a break from the horror/punk style on "Rock and Roll Girl" which the organs play a much more dominant place, and the style changes to more of an garage rock type of sound.

This is a really solid release from this band and I have been enjoying it ever since I first put it in my player. From what I've read about this band they also have an incredible live show which includes the keyboards setting himself on fire. Fans of Nerve Agents, AFI, Misfits will love this.