Adai - Felo De Se (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Felo De Se (2010)


Adai manage a pretty thick, commanding sound for only being a two-piece. The pair's Felo De Se EP offers up heavy, doomy post-metal-ish type stuff with concise song lengths considering the usual marathons this style tends to run with.

Opener "Trigger" takes a few minutes of grinding plowing before throat-shearing, husky yells enter the fold, and here one gets a Neurosis sense. Then it quickly transitions into "Powder" and the vocals take on that more typically incomprehensible roar for a few syllables. But all along is this blackened, smokey plod with dynamic drum fills and fat, bleating riffs to command attention, a sort of slurred rhythm that really takes hold of one.

Vocals are used in a pretty minimal fashion overall, but that's okay. Felo De Se is interesting enough as a mostly instrumetal EP (as "Bodies" attests to) to get away with it, with a really intriguing momentum and movement to it as it pounds and throbs with a liveliness this style usually doesn't contain.