Danzig - 777: I Luciferi (Cover Artwork)
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777: I Luciferi (2002)


Glenn Danzig, whom you all most definitely recognize as the former Misfits frontman, returns with quite possibly his best album in years. Well, I know all you "punkers" out there probably think Mr. Danzig, who is currently 46 years old, should just retire- but why should he do such a thing when he still kicks the asses off guys 30 years younger than him?

Well, first off, this album is extremely dark and heavy, as you might expect. The first song, after the creepy intro "Unendlic", is called "Black Mass" and it is very heavy, classic Danzig- it's got a great beat to it. Immediately following that is the first single "Wicked Pussycat" and it is a departure from the rest of the album. This song isn't bad at all, it actually seems like Glenn wanted to get a hip hop groove going on here, and he actually raps a couple times- I know, I know.....you guys are freaking out, but it doesn't come off bad at all.

After that the album returns to classic Danzig form with one of my personal faves "God Of Light" which is another very heavy, creepy song with Glen yelling "Not scared to live, not scared to die!". Other great songs are "Kiss The Skull", "I Luciferi", "Halo Goddess Bone", "The Coldest Sun", and the very Sabbath-like "Naked Witch". Another notable song is "Dead Inside".

Overall I loved this album. It's worth your time and money- this old man's still got it. I'd have to say that the best thing about this album is that it is devoid of filler, the hard smacks just keep coming and don't stop 'till the end.