Averman - Hide Your Girlfriends (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Hide Your Girlfriends (2009)

Round Kid

Averman's life was unfortunately cut short not long after this 2009 EP, Hide Your Girlfriends. It's a pity, because this EP provides an only okay-ish pop-punk sound that splits the difference between the overtly poppy and the more snottily punk that could have been developed into something way better.

"Dictator" has a relatively catchy chorus and some bouncy but full-bodied verses. Is it generic? Sure. But it works. "Unleash the Cobras" adopts a poppy, skatepunk-tinged melodic hardcore tone, although I sense a hint of Auto-Tune, which is a bummer. Some of the following tracks ("Hey, Girl", "Sweep the Leg") are forgettable, though, and prove Averman's good ideas run out quickly here, and there aren't enough lyrical and musical surprises really worth sticking around for.

Still, there's an effervescent tone here and the band sounds scrappy enough to possibly appeal to some. If they stuck around longer I bet they could have channeled it into something really good.

Hide Your Girlfriends EP