The Marine Electric - The Marine Electric (Cover Artwork)
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The Marine Electric

The Marine Electric (2010)


Brooklyn locals the Marine Electric follow their promising 2009 7", Head West, with another short spate of enjoyable, mid-fi, punky emo (or maybe emo-y punk?).

While Head West had more of an indie-punk vibe, this self-titled four-song EP brings more of the band's slightly playful and mildly gruff emo tendencies to the forefront. It's kinda like the Polar Bear Club demo with a better recording. "Brainfade" opens with an excellently gravelly vocal roar, while the more tender-hearted "Invisible Summer" borrows the squiggliness of the noodle-emo revival. There's a bit of cymbal riding à la Pat Schramm in "Turtle Island", with an overall more expansive and dynamic atmosphere for "Lost in Spaces".

The Marine Electric definitely provides more of a stylistic transition than a significant step forward in the band's songwriting prowess, but it's solid all the same, and something to build on for next time around.

The Marine Electric EP