Break It Down - Three Songs (Cover Artwork)
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Break It Down

Three Songs (2010)


There are two four-word phrases on the back of this three-song demo from English band Break It Down. One is, "ANGLO HISPANIC HARDCORE PUNK" [sic]. The other is the name of the third and last track, "Heard it all before" [sic]. I'm more inclined to agree with the latter.

For starters, calling it Break It Down a hardcore band seems generous. This is more like very basic, mid-tempo, snotty punk (especially, deceivingly titled opener "Get Up and Go!") with maybe some hardcore influence. Like a way slower, much more boring Sick of It All, maybe. Maybe.

Apparently there are two vocalists, Jaime Cerebros and Toni Maltraste, but neither are terribly distinct or powerful, unfortunately. The bass riffs and melodies in aforementioned closer "Heard It All Before" makes it sound like the band is doing one of those Punk Goes Pop covers of Gary Numan's "Cars" until the song picks up a little. It's not intentional, but you just can't take them seriously by that point, still.

There's nothing necessarily cringeworthy about Break It Down's Three Songs, but it is entirely too simple and faceless to be worth most anyone's time.

Three Songs EP

Three Songs EP