Restless - Demo 2K11 (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demo 2K11 (2011)


Restless hails from Newport News, Va., an unsurprising location and distance considering their self-proclaimed influences of Socialcide and Coke Bust. And that's not to mention the impressive coincidence of the opener "Rations" sharing a name with a short-lived band that contained members from both. Overall, I'd say those are spot-on reference points for this thrashy, presumably straight-edge demo, specifically dabbling in their influence's more accessible traits.

"Edge Is Dead" punishes its way through a great sing-along of "I'm the outcast of all the outcasts," an infectious highlight of the vocalist's enunciated and matter-of-fact yell. There's definitely that menacing nihilism à la Ross Farrar in the lyricism ("I'm as cold as the world outside / I'm as cold as your lifeless hands / I'm as cold as my stoic expression / I want to feel nothing / nothing"), and everything's generally pretty serious. Except for the inherit cheekiness of naming a song "N.M.A.", of course.

The closer, "Shmuck" introduces itself with some huge, yet ever-so-slightly melodic, chords. It remains steady throughout the entire song, and it's an easy standout from the rest of the five tracks.

Restless's demo is a good base, and while it successfully holds its own ground with variation, establishing identity certainly wouldn't hurt.