A Place to Call Home - Not Here. Not Now. Not Yet. (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

A Place to Call Home

Not Here. Not Now. Not Yet. (2010)


Why don't we take a walk down Hypothetical Lane? Imagine if Jason Shevchuk was a few years younger and started a band within the Off with Their Heads/Dear Landlord camp. Toss in an awkward recording job and some better instrumentation to boot, and you'd get something close to A Place to Call Home. The band's EP, Not Here. Not Now. Not Yet. is packed with bass-heavy punk rock that makes men in their mid-twenties want to succumb to their unhealthy habits.

"You Had to Be There" starts things off pretty strong with noticeably well-written guitar riffs. To their credit, APtCH takes familiar turnarounds yet easily avoids being too conventional. "Get While the Getting's Good" even manages to lift a riff straight out of the pages of the Stephen Egerton songbook. "Tail Light" puts the bass to the forefront, with the whole verse being a snare drum roll/buildup.

The vocalist admits that "[it's just his] fate to sleep, wake up, go to work, drink/mix with whiskey and repeat." Evidently, that repetition must have compromised the songwriting process, because there's a particular imbalance between music and vocals: The latter get kind of old. But if that equilibrium is achieved, A Place to Call Home could really flourish.