Olehole / Tigon - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Olehole / Tigon

Split [7-inch] (2010)

Brick Gun

Olehole and Tigon are following previously reviewed releases here: The former unleashed the seriously excellent Holemole in 2008, while the latter released a pretty decent self-titled 7" in 2009 (pretty sure it's their prior release).

Olehole get the first two tracks. Holemole set the bar pretty high, and these songs don't quite cut it, but they're pretty good all the same. "Euphamism" and "Yay, For This, More Aloneness" essentially follow the same path as that album: punky post-hardcore extending logically from frontman Brian Moss's days in the Ghost. The latter song is, admittedly, a little bit smokier–maybe a little more Danzig/Thin Lizzy brushed with the riffs and thicker textures. They have that usual assured stomp to both of them, but the songwriting just doesn't seem quite as exciting or dynamic. Still, they hold your attention.

Tigon follow with two more tracks not as easily definable. I more or less described the 7" as Ian Svenonius fronting a thinner Botch, and that description doesn't work quite as well here. They've got more of a semi-frantic, mathy indie rock vibe on "Populist Noise Culture", like a slightly more abrasive Native, or a toned-down take on the older Tera Melos stuff. It's kinda cool. I made a Daughters reference in the last review, and that does seem appropriate for "Flower Mouth"; it sounds like that band circa Hell Songs, with a more charged, kinda spoken vocal and a way dirtier bass tone. It is also cool.

Diverse pairings are always welcomed, and Olehole and Tigon provide a notable one here.

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