Various - Born to Kill [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Born to Kill [7-inch] (2011)

One Percent Press/Headless Actor

With its seven-inch compilation (or four-way split if you prefer) Born to Kill, One Percent Press and Headless Actor highlight some substantial up-and-coming talent.

Tony Flaminio leads the charge with the strongest track, "Hard to Sea". Flaminio sings the jangly tune like a folksier Bridge and Tunnel. The lyrics are awfully lovelorn, but the guy sells the heck out of the hook "If you don't like it / Don't get good at it." Fences Make Good Neighbors nearly matches Flaminio with "Loosen the Grip". Their tune is more in the indie pop vein à la the Changes or late-period Wrens.

The flipside doesn't quite top the first half. Tracy Morrow sings "Cold Comfort" with a little too much twang. Additionally, the track is too sparse. It's not bad, but it's such a whisper of a song with its mellow drums, guitar and violin. Ellen West sends the seven-inch off on a better note, though, with "Loss of Momentum". A haunting acoustic tune, "Momentum" shimmers and shines musically while West sings about failure. Pretty songs about failure are pretty much the best.

A download code doubles the comp's track listing, making this vinyl a deal in stereo at just $5.