The Dopamines - Expect the Worst (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Dopamines

Expect the Worst (2010)

Paper + Plastick

Review as Sonnet

The Dopamines, Cincinnati locals
Finished last year having reached a new height.
Fans liked Expect the Worst's shouted vocals
And tunes in the vein of the Copyrights.

The Dopamines' Expect the Worst commences
With the stellar "You'd Make a Good Horsecop",
A track that penetrates ears' defences
Until the words are in your head non-stop.

Expect the Worst has other standout songs
That sing of friends and question sobriety.
No real weak tracks; they all seem to belong,
But album really lacks variety.

It's good for a while, lacks staying power
Could use a slower track in its half-hour.

Review as Haiku

Singers sound bitter,
like no joy is found in brain.
Name is ironic?

Review as Limerick

At the top of their lungs they do exclaim
with soaring vocals they're just "Public Domain"
An album so catchy,
It would score above three,
If all the tracks did not sound the same.