The Dopamines - Expect the Worst (Cover Artwork)
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The Dopamines

Expect the Worst (2010)

Paper + Plastick

When you first hear an album like this you might say what albums is this?? But that's ok because this album Is good. Its called Expect the Worst by the Dopeamines and its good. Its punk rock like sex piistols.

So the other day my dad said I had to get a job and I said no because anarchy. I put on the Dope Mines and it made me feel batter about my dad. I hate him so much. Then my girlfriend broke up with my on Twitter and I got mad. I put the Misfits on because they understand women. Then I went to the mall and got kicked out because anarchy.

I downloaded Dope Fiends on the internet when I got home. I have the album and played it five times in a row its so good. The songs are not long like Pink floyd which is gay shit. The songs are fast and punk like good. Im going to play this shit every fucking day at school.I hate math class

Anyway Dopermines is good so fuck you posers. If you like good punk that's not gay charlote you should get this.