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Worn Out Tigers

Worn Out Tigers (2010)


Worn Out Tigers' self-titled EP just doesn't let you settle on a fair description. Jawbox's dizzying post-hardcore punk? A vague touch of '90s noise rock? Engine Down's space and textures? Frodus's spasms? Really, there's some of all of that in here, and that's something of a credit to Worn Out Tigers and their doing something relatively different.

There's a glitchy feel to these tracks at times, with a seasick guitar sway in opener "Shipwrecker". Elsewhere, "Wolf Eyes" has some lurching, barbaric melodicisms mixed in with quick squiggles of riffs. That's another way to describe better what Worn Out Tigers do: They definitely have a solid sense of melody threading itself through these tracks, but the band still go about it in a burly way. Closer "Eat the Head Off" even gets in some finger-tapping Dave Knudson fans can get behind; somewhere in here there's a short flood of post-rock atmosphere backing the gruff shouts. Tones like these come out of nowhere, but they're both interesting and compelling, and they drive this particular song well.

While the songs themselves don't all seem to be there (you know?), this is a very promising EP from Worn Out Tigers. If they could develop this into something stronger and more cohesive, they'll have a hell of a thing.

Wolf Eyes