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The Bumpers

The Bumpers (2010)


Sometimes all you want from music you listen to is something easygoing, something that is not going to jar your head with noise or a crazed jerkiness. Sometimes all you need is some good old-fashioned power-pop, with the emphasis on the pop over the power.

The Bumpers provide that with four pleasant (and that's not meant in a derogatory way) sounding tracks which immediately bring to mind Joe Jackson as well as a much less frantic version of the Gain, with a hint of the Crush Story thrown in for good measure.

Opening with the strongest track, "Half an Empty Cup", the Bumpers take a fairly simplistic approach to making music, adding some vaguely interesting lyrics to a laid-back guitar, drums and bass combo, and voila, they have a decent, catchy song. Out of the four tracks on this EP, it's quite obviously the one to choose to kick off the release as it is the most memorable by far.

This EP has a relaxed, mellow feel to it with a mid-to-low tempo delivery that is easy to listen to without really reaching any great heights of passion. It is obvious that the Bumpers are trying to write songs that do not require any significant effort to take in, and they've done this quite well with their formula. All four tracks have their own qualities, but along with "Half an Empty Cup", the third track, "I Could Go Alone" manages to stand out a little more than the others.

Not a bad release.