Lavotchkin - Widow Country (Cover Artwork)
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Widow Country (2010)

Shark City / Klangverhältnisse

I first encountered UK metallic hardcore act Lavotchkin on their 2006 EP, The Oldest Suicide Cult, finding it to be little more than a poor man's Botch. Then the band released a split EP a few years later with a band called Crocus, and they had improved tremendously, mixing their heavy ferocity with the slower-burning Converge moments. Last year they stayed fresh with this new EP, Widow Country.

Widow Country is no less intense, and actually feels a tad faster and thicker. There's definitely some hints of Converge(/Cursed) and Botch persisting in their sound, from the former's cloudy, D-beat/crust-enhanced metal/hardcore smog to the latter's frothy, Dave Verellen-like roar. While these half-dozen cuts run together at times, it's a patently intense and enthralling rush for the most part.

The subtly dynamic guitars and one particular stop-start of "The Werther Effect" make it probably the EP's best track, though the affected screaming at the end of the next song, "You Were Dawn", feels a little overdone. "Irukandji" is the one track that purposefully lumbers to offer tempo variation, but it's still choking throughout. Even the southern rock riffing in the closing title track feels smartly done.

Lavotchkin are beginning to string together an impressive few releases that are proving them to be one of the more notable British hardcore bands of the last few years. Widow Country makes a compelling case for it.

The Pledge / Very Bad Things
The Werther Effect
You Were Dawn