Torg - Torg (Cover Artwork)


Torg (2002)


What is Torg? Torg is defined as "the end." The end of good taste. The end of "radio friendly." The end of "flavor of the week" Combining elements of old-school hardcore, bluesy metal, and some sick and twisted minds Torg is a five piece band that is taking punk rock to new depths only previously explored by the likes of El Duce and the Mentors, Meatmen, Guttermouth, and even GWAR. Torg is here to beat up the emo kids and molest their girlfriends while they watch and cry; here to steal all the MTV punk bands gear and then break it; here to offend and gross out the scene while they smile the entire time.

The band reminds me of the above mentioned groups, in sound they resemble El Duce and the Mentors almost perfectly, a bluesy metal blended with hardcore riffs and attitude. They also have some GWAR in them, as well as a few licks from the Meatmen. Lyrically they don't rise much above alcohol, bodily functions, drugs, sex. On "Bear Claw Bill" they switch styles and sound a lot like Guttermouth, even down to the way the singer sings the song. This is the band for everyone who still laughs at farts, that never matured past their shoe size, that wants to piss off all their elitist friends who think that to be good it has to unique, inventive, arty, and meaningful. In short Torg is fun, that's the best thing of all.