Something Corporate - Leaving Through The Window (Cover Artwork)

Something Corporate

Leaving Through The Window (2002)


You're a group of friends; young, bored, and hungry for success. You're fed up with school, relationships, family, and just life in general. Time has taken you to the tender age of 18 and upon all you think you've been through, you decide to do what? Answer: Make A Band.

The scenario is the basis for what seems to be any new pop/punk band to hit the scene within the past few years. "It's the latest craze!" the people cry. And Something Corporate hits the craze running, with the power of a piano right on their backs.

I honestly don't know exactly what it is about this album. I'm not sure what it is that touched me the most. Whether it was his earnest, yearning voice, the power of the "piano-punk" approach to the music, the moving melody that allows each song to transcend mediocracy and go souring into beautiful, or if it's the honest, strangely sharp lyrics that hit me hard on so many levels in terms of relation and sympathy that tell me that this album is one of the best to be released so far within the year.

Most of us remember Something Corporate from the ballad that was Konstantine. Possibly one of the greatest anthems of failed relationships, Konstantine put Something Corporate on the spotlight and sent them into fame, and let me tell you, fame does not disapoint on Leaving Through The Window.

Each song, even the lighter tuned ones of 'If You C Jordan' (the latest single) and 'Punk Rock Princess,' demand the attention and bring out the deeper intiutions within any listeners. Andrew McMahon blends each song with melodic piano tunes and one of the most harmonious voices in any recent band, and put together with the likes of Josh Parington and William Tell on guitar, "Clutch" on bass, and Brian Ireland on drums, Something Corporate has produced one of the finest pieces of music to be released in a while.