Fell to Low - The Frontier Wit [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Fell to Low

The Frontier Wit [10-inch] (2010)

Dog Family/Fineprint

Fell to Low's popularity doesn't quite match their level of talent; granted, they've only released one other 10-inch prior to The Frontier Wit, and the only bit of trivia I know is that they share a member with Nails, but their ability to integrate melody beneath dissonant and angular phrasing has me believing they've been a band for at least a decade.

This four-song 10'', The Frontier Wit boasts Dischord-style post-hardcore in its truest form: Rather than pure homage, their tunes remind me more of deluded rock songs (I'm thinking something along the lines of the Nation of Ulysses, if we're going there). "Janis" is a good representation of this with uncompromising vocals and an octave "chord" run that's pretty damn hooky.

Next to You're Such a Good Champion, their previous effort, there's a noticable difference in groove and feel–Frontier being more focused and lethargic. "Palmyra" proves that while this may be the case, the rhythms are worth it and sonically advantageous.

And it's true. Fell to Low accomplish more in four songs than most do in 10, but I can't help feeling unsatisfied. Let's hear some more songs, okay?