Chewing on Tinfoil - Shaving (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Chewing on Tinfoil

Shaving (2010)


Chewing on Tinfoil follows up their solid 2009 full-length, Get Rich or Try Dyin', with this EP, Shaving. Not only is it a solid continuation of the band's sprightly ska-punk, but they've actually added horns to their ensemble to give it that fuller impression.

The new digs are evident in opener "The White-Washed Blues", a number that's sprawling without being carnivalistic or over the top. The two-minute "Uprooted and Booted" plays off those Streetlight Manifesto/early Catch 22 comparisons while maintaining a restraint and nimble pacing that's always been part of the band's core strengths. While the steady upstroke beat of the middle few tracks feels a little stagnant by the time "I Was Here, But I Disappear" rolls through, it's a nice vibe. The energetic, scrappy closing title track builds a heartwarming metaphor out of familial relations.

This is another solid entry from Chewing on Tinfoil as they tinker with their sound a bit. Definitely a reasonable recommendation for ska-punk fans.

Shaving EP