Big Eyes - Demo [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Big Eyes

Demo [7-inch] (2010)

Evil Weevil

Big Eyes' demo 7" from last year makes pretty good on the promise of its members, who come from Cheeky, Seasick and Used Kids, without copping any of their traits too blatantly. If you're looking for poppy, peppy, female-fronted garage punk/rock with just the right touch of reverb, this is one-stop shopping.

"I Prefer to Be Alone" makes a solid first impression, getting in all of the aforementioned, while the more playful "Since You Left" resembles one of Mikey Erg's penned songs on the last few Ergs! releases (something like "See Him Again") in terms of the melodic vocal arcs and general contrast between mid-tempo rocking and typical, heartbroken lyrics. But, you know, still done well. "You Ain't the Only One" further proves the band's penchant for nasty, steady hooks.

This EP is standard but truly solid enough fare from the new-ish three-piece, and a good foundation for a followup.

Demo EP

Demo EP