Leather - Sterile [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Sterile [7-inch] (2011)

Jade Tree

...And here's Jade Tree with one of the most random acts of record label-ing we'll probably see from one this year. Recently, Jade Tree has only flirted with the latter side of the radar, an esoteric move for the sake of old friends and reissues. With this trend of obscurity, it's completely fitting that the label would eventually release a 7-inch from an unknown hardcore band. That 7-inch is Leather's Sterile. Nope, you heard it correctly: This isn't another Cloak/Dagger record.

The title track is a bit deceptive; Leather initially comes off as a dirtier Cro-Mags, with John Joseph-esque snarls and the sloppy voice cracks of H.R. Halfway through "Zek", the band begins to show its melodic side. "Relapse" and "Novitate" have some great noisy choruses, reminiscent of the Sub Pop variety. But nothing is ever too far away from "No Motivation", because the heaviness never quite leaves.

All in all, Sterile is a quick but unique and promising slab of hardcore that fits snugly with the rest of Jade Tree's discography.