Narc Out the Reds - ....Are on the Run (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Narc Out the Reds

....Are on the Run (2010)

Good Time Gang

Narc Out the Reds ....Are on the Run. Despite the sarcastic smear on anti-communism (or something), the band actually do kind of a punky take on '90s alt-rock. Kinda? Maybe combine Mudhoney, the Lemonheads and the production tone of Foo Fighters' self-titled record, some sneered grit, and a really, really loose approach to structure.

The songs essentially bear slightly grungy, occasionally heavier parts as each proceeds, and despite the band's possible influences they seem to largely abandon verse/chorus structure, with a handful of unpredictable stop-starts along the way. The guitars are dynamic, and rock well. Raspy, smeared vocals drag emphatically across the pauses (some with a plucked acoustic) "One Dolor Embrace", which sounds like a potential B-side from Rival Schools' United by Fate. Granted, at 4:55, it feels a little overlong, but the band does do a lot of different things within the time frame.

Speaking of '90s alt-rock, their singer almost develops a lighter, Robin Wilson-ish quality to later tracks like "I Was Evil That Year" and "Trebledust". But the band do away with any sort of wistfulness, instead choosing a noisier pop slant to otherwise riffy rock fare.

The melodies could be better and more memorable, but overall, not a bad EP, as it takes an almost reckless approach to an older, familiar style, mixing it all up well.

....Are on the Run EP