Omegas - Blasts of Lunacy [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Blasts of Lunacy [12-inch] (2011)

Parts Unknown

These Canadians sure know how to rip through a dozen songs with unbridled abandon, showing that hardcore can still be fresh and invigorating, and that there are bands capable of producing music that isn't totally derivative or just plain dull and poorly played. Omegas stand alongside contemporaries such as Government Warning in being able to harness a 1980s sound that has been updated to the 21st century and packs one hell of a punch. There is much to be said about music that has not been produced to within an inch of its life, retaining that vibrancy so often lost once a band hits a recording studio, and Omegas have been able to do so on this release which is reflected in how good the songs on the record sound.

It's not all raging tunes, though, as the Omegas mix in a more brooding, malevolent sound at times to add either a buildup to a more furious pace or as a wind-down to the end of a song. This approach works well for Omegas and is part of what helps Blasts of Lunacy ascend to the heights that it has achieved.

Is this the hardcore record of the year? It's certainly there, or thereabouts in my mind, as it is raw, catchy and unrestrained, all of which makes it downright good stuff. Another band I imagine would be a sheer blast to see live if they ever managed to get their backsides out of Montreal and across to the UK.

The review might be short and sweet, but sometimes brevity is all you need to convey a message–that's what hardcore is so often about and with this record you should go and find out for yourself why it is so good.