Capital Fault - Bring Your Friends. (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Capital Fault

Bring Your Friends. (2010)


These four young guys from the Welsh/English border have produced a five-track EP all done by themselves which, despite slightly poor production/mixing, shows some promise for the future. They describe themselves as "indie, punk, pop-rock" and they really do try to cover all those bases without nailing their colours to any particular genre.

The music is of the "light" variety in that it doesn't have a hard-hitting quality that you might associate with punk–something more along the lines of bands popular with the younger generation (I'm middle-aged, so feel able to use that term) like the All-American Rejects, Talking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, et. al.–bands that are poppy and popular, basically. Now, I'm not being disparaging here as I'm not a fan of any of those bands but appreciate that many people are. However, across the five tracks Capital Fault do quite a good job in setting out their stall and showing what they're currently into doing musically.

As a self-produced release, I think they have missed a trick with the mixing and levels throughout the tracks, but that's a minor criticism for a first effort, although the hi-hat and cymbals do feature prominently at times.

There are two stronger tracks on this EP which have stuck in my head and had me humming the tunes: "Grin and Bare It" and "Pretty Girls", both of which highlight the potential of Capital Fault.

I can fully understand why this would be popular with the younger generation, but if the band is to make the step up into the wider world, they might need to focus on a more narrow sound unless they want to become a group that peters out after a year or so.

For me I'd prefer a beefier, more chunky sound with less of the pop/rock elements, but I'm not the one to decide on the direction of the band. All that being said, it's always good to see bands who get things done themselves, showing that the DIY spirit is still alive and well and that not everyone is looking to make it big overnight. Watch the Capital Fault space.