Off with Their Heads - I Will Follow You [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Off with Their Heads

I Will Follow You [12-inch] (2010)

Pirate's Press

First off, the picture disc itself for this Off with Their Heads' 12" EP is ridiculous. It's shaped exactly how it's pictured above. Pirates Press does some insane stuff, but even this is wacky cool. But how are the tunes?

I Will Follow You offers four previously unreleased cuts from the increasingly popular, misanthropic punks. The title track is a slow chugger that's almost power-pop compared to the band's usual barking romps. It's a nice change. Then comes covers of Cleveland Bound Death Sentence's "Drain" and "East Pack River". The former basically just sounds like Off with Their Heads (but with more interesting vocal maneuvers), while the latter is probably more aggressive than you'll ever hear the band. "Janie" is a live version from a November 2009 show–a Pirates Press 5th Anniversary Party, and the recording is pretty great.

For a four-song EP, I Will Follow You is criminally short (a shade under six minutes total), but the visual aspect makes it a nice collector's item for fans.

I Will Follow You