Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven And H (Cover Artwork)

Social Distortion

Somewhere Between Heaven And H (1992)



Social Distortion. What can I really say that hasnt been said a million times before? Well, I think that this band is vastly overrated, but sometimes their songs can be pretty good. This album is their worst, hands down, because nothing on this album resembles a punk song, just long drawn out country rock songs. I never really considered Social Distortion a punk band anyway, just a country band with some punk and rock influences.

The opener on this album is a song called "Cold Feelings". I believe that this was a single and I can see why. It is probably the best song on the album. A little slow, but most of the songs on here are slow, so I guess they werent trying to make a fast album. The rest of the songs pretty much all blend into one another, and in the end you have one mediocre country album with some punk weaven into it.

If you like country rock then i suggest you get this, but for fans of straight punk rock, this just isnt it. Some of Social Distortion's other albums like "Live at the Roxy" are good, but most of them just are boring. So if you really want to hear them, check out "Live at the Roxy", and just skip everything else.