The Stereo State - Caffeine, Beer & Quoting Movies [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Stereo State

Caffeine, Beer & Quoting Movies [7-inch] (2010)

Neutral Territory

The Stereo State play punky melodic hardcore, but that might be a vague descriptor in 2011. It would conjure up very specific thoughts if this was the late '90s, though: The band's got Avail's speed and moderate gruffness graced by Samiam's tender emotion. They combine 'em well on their five-song 7", Caffeine, Beer & Quoting Movies.

That familiar, forbidden-esque beat propels "Spit Hot Fire" and "Whalesounds" forward, while the band exhibit a looser playfulness in "There Is No U in Team". "No Failure" might be the standout, with the band spinning a little bit of strained dynamism through an upbeat chug and a sly hint of Epitaph-era Hot Water Music guitar work and "whoa"s. They allow themselves some goofiness on an untitled bonus track, incorporating a little power metal for the hell of it.

Otherwise, '90s punk fans would do well to seek out the Stereo State's 7" here, a well-done and still very promising EP.

Caffeine, Beer & Quoting Movies EP