headtraffic,LLC - Hello. Goodbye. (Cover Artwork)
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Hello. Goodbye. (2008)


headtraffic,LLC spill out some solid '90s-style post-hardcore on this full-length, Hello. Goodbye..

The calmer procession of mid-period Fugazi comes to mind with opener "Be Mine", as it comes in as a very steady, laid-back "rocker" with raspy, shot vocals that come off like the love child of Guy Picciotto and the Sainte Catherines' Hugo Mudie. Essentially, that's the album's m.o. When the next track, "Rubber Lover" swings through, that Fugazi tone is definitely familiar with the song's opening squeals. But they do it so well, it's cool they wear the influence a little blatantly, with this song cutting through an excellent, strained chorus between the head-shaking, scratched-guitar verses.

The band actually find somewhat of a more original voice by "Big Mouth" (literally, since it's got a vocal style, at times, that's harder to place) but the songwriting's about the same, and that's what you come to Hello. Goodbye. for, really–good, little, choppy post-hardcore cuts, regardless of how much a given song sounds like Fugazi. Closer "One Time Around" could be a recent Mike Watt collaboration, though.

There's a general sense of taut, toned aggression throughout the album, and it can seethe a little eerily, like in "No Ride". It's like it's easygoing, but not necessarily.

While a bit samey in places and meandering in others, it can mostly be forgiven, given its half-hour running time. Hello. Goodbye. is more extended than its title curtly implies, and it still manages to make good use of its time with its pleasing, occasionally righteous sound.

Be Mine
Big Mouth
Hostile Nature
No Ride