Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come (Cover Artwork)


The Shape of Punk to Come (1998)

Burning Heart

The title says it all. Or at least if people take the advice of the Refused, it should. These guys prove, like Minutemen and Naked Raygun, that punk can actually go beyond it's roots without sounding fake. These guys get applause simply for working a violin, techno, and some other unique touches into their searing hardcore sound. The lyrics are on a kind of retro propaganda/call to arms kind of vibe. Even without the extra touches, they pushed their instruments to the limit. For instance, the drummer sounds like he's pounding out complicated beats rather than trying to blow the drums apart by just banging on them. The lyrics booklet itself is a bizarre manifesto that seems somehow believable and ridiculous at the same time. The Refused is truly an enigma, and though I hope that other bands don't copy their sound, I hope that they take the idea that it is possible for punk to be powerful while still being very original. Some suggested tracks to listen to are New Noise and The Refused Are Fucking Dead.