New Found Glory - Sticks And Stones (Cover Artwork)

New Found Glory

Sticks And Stones (2002)


I've been anticipating this new album for a long time, since New Found Glory has become my favorite band. I couldn't wait to buy it, and thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.

NFG continues their charged, upbeat pop-punk rock sound for their fifth CD. Jordan Pundik's voice still sounds great, and the guitars from Chad Gilbert and Steve Klien are crisp and powerful. Anyone who has enjoyed any of their past works (especially their previous self-titled disc) will most likely love this CD, too.

My only real problem with this CD is just that not all the songs are as catchy as their older songs are. One of the things I love about NFG is the way I'd get one of their songs stuck in my head for hours after I listened to them. On this CD, of the twelve songs, the catchiest ones are "Understatement," (great intro) "My Friends Over You," "Something I Call Personality," (which I also find to be the finest song on the album) "Head on Collision," and "Singled Out." Don't get me wrong though, all the songs are superb (Other stand-outs are "Sonny," "Forget My Name," and "The Story So Far"), I just wish they were all as catchy as their older songs.

So, to sum up, New Found Glory is still towards the front of the pack of today's pop-punk bands, it's just that some of the songs could have been improved.