Fisherking - Forget It (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Forget It (2010)

Bermuda Mohawk

Fisherking is described as a heavy, noisy hardcore band, but their Forget It EP doesn't provide the best evidence of this. While false advertising's no reason to dismiss the product outright, Forget It's a little rough in spots, from recording to performance to songwriting ideas.

Opener "Searching for Something New" is more indicative of AFI circa Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, with a couple of late '80s/early '90s East Coast youth crew overtones in the guitars. That vibe is less apparent through the rest of the EP (save closing title track "Forget It"), with more restrained, mid-tempo guitar work deliberately ushering in "Nothing Less", which is honest, though not necessarily poetic ("You want to see me happy? / This is my happiness. / I'll be the best I can be and nothing less"). Generic chugging in "Anxiety" and "Forget It" seems an iffy, overdone way to drive either track, though something about the latter's finish seems a little more thought-out. The recording sorta muffles the band throughout the EP, too.

It feels a little harsh telling anyone to act as this EP's title suggests, but Fisherking definitely has room for improvement.

Forget It EP