Bust! - Suck Kuts [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Suck Kuts [10-inch] (2010)

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Bust! (not to be confused with Bust It!) deliver a compact full-length of scrappy, shouty, semi-melodic hardcore in Suck Kuts. It's so short, they squeezed it onto a 10", but it's quantity over quality, for the most part. And they're only a two-piece! (One dude handled guitars, bass and vocals. The other, drums, vocals, and weed, so says the liner note.)

The best comparisons I can come up with are New Mexican Disaster Squad, or in more of a stretch, the Steal circa Bright Grey. That means a bit of an '80s feel, but not quite there; some melodic hardcore overtones, but something a little different tossed in to keep it from being so easily pigeonholed. It gets choppy, scratchy cuts (yoink) like "Pear at Heart" jumpy and enlivening, and "High on Life, Drunk Off Mouthwash"–a song possibly about following through on things you set your mind to–a shaky, surprisingly upbeat maneuver. "That Don't Impressuh Me Much" has this stuttering bark that gives it a serrated energy. More pop-punk-oriented guitars make "First Bench" a late fun one, too.

Not much more to say. A bit forgettable, maybe, but this is melody-tinged punk/hardcore that's otherwise quick, punchy, pretty fun and done well.

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