Together - The Odyssey (Cover Artwork)
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The Odyssey (2010)

Think Tank / Ghost City / I for Us

Belgian act Together (definitely not this band) title their EP here The Odyssey, and they seem to do their best at creating a soundscape fitting for such a title.

The Odyssey provides hoarse, modern hardcore with a bit of that 2000s "post-hardcore" element and vaguely thematic elements. It's not half-bad. Not great, either, but certainly listenable. They seem to pull from the poetic desperation and imagery of someone like Defeater (with cover art and inlay indicating the '70s moreso than the '40s), though more often than not, there's something else musically at play here that's hard to pin down.

While the vocals–a serrated, scratchy yell of sorts–are one-dimensional and somewhat underwhelming, and the general tone of the EP stays a little consistent for its own good, there is variety here. The title track takes on a faster tempo after the more medium pace of the first few songs, while "thunder&rain" is a grinding instrumental with a relatively interesting buildup. Something like "Summer Lights" seems to best warrant the above comparison, while a closing, untitled bonus track best exemplifies the band's creative ambition, with soft, twinkling guitars and a tense progression.

It sounds like Together have a pretty good amount of potential based on this EP. It could be a lot better in spots, but it's definitely not bad stuff.

The Odyssey EP