Sixer - Beautiful Trash (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Beautiful Trash (2002)


Social Distortion and the Clash are, hands down, two of the greatest punk bands of any era. Combining the sounds of the two runs the risk of sounding either derivative and unoriginal or sounding… well… like Sixer.

The ex-Ann Beretta members (and company) wear their influences on their sleeves, channeling similar sounds of the Swinging Utters, early Dropkick Murphys and "…Wolves" era Rancid to craft an album of catchy punk rock & roll. The opening track "Unusual" chugs along with a rhythm reminiscent of Green Day's "Hitching A Ride" only to explode into a driving chorus that cements the band's style as their own. "Truckstop Jesus" follows, a powerful rock song playing like "White Light…" era Social D'. The real gem of the album however is "Hero," which displays the best of the band's songwriting, no-nonsense lyrics and flawless incorporation of their influences. The equally catchy "American Heartbreak" plays out like a great Clash tune, with smart, well-crafted verses and an utterly infectious chorus. ….

Thematically the band hits on a lot of drinking songs and southern rock influences. In a few rare occurrences this may weaken the songs (the chorus to "RS3" isn't exactly Shakespeare), but at other times other times the band manages to mesh so completely, as in the awesome "Furious & Outdone," that all flaws are forgotten. The album closes on a high-note with "Tired Of Waiting," which builds on a ridiculously catchy shout along chorus into one of the most memorable songs I've heard this year.

Sixer have hold of a style and energy that's sorely missing from so many bands today. It's a recognition that rock & roll has much deeper roots than many young bands choose to tap. They aren't the most original group out there, but their music will prove to have more longevity…