The Reptilian - Full Health [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Reptilian

Full Health [10-inch] (2010)

Count Your Lucky Stars

Following on their 2009 EP, Boys' Life, the Reptilian squiggle out this seven-song 10" EP, Full Health as a worthy followup.

Boys' Life reminded me a bit of early Maps & Atlases, what with their math rock vibes and over-the-top vocals (for others, thoughts of Bear vs. Shark may have been conjured up). Full Health strikes largely similar territory as Life, though generally looser or punkier than the initial comparison–opener "Pretty Big Doses" comes out of the gates with immediate, head-bobbing fingertaps and loose yelps and barks, culminating in a catchy little repetitive bark of "Embrace your surroundings!"

Though the recording might be slightly clearer, the band hasn't changed much of what they do (goofy titles and all), going along a nimble route through tracks like the vocal-shredding "Dungeons & Drag Queens" and "Roman Sideburns". "Bulls on Patrón" sways spastically and delves into a fantastic noodle part :45 in, with a surprisingly atmospheric finish to cap it in the last few seconds. That leads sensibly into the shortest track here, "Peyote Ugly", an unusually sparkly number for the band with just two lyric lines–they're par for the band's course, though, with one being cryptic ("Footsteps made heavy trace our way") and the other reflective and personable ("I don't know where I'd rather be / than sitting on this porch with you / until the summer goes away").

Full Health does an admirable job keeping the listener through the Reptilian's complex nuggets of guitar work clashing with rough, hoarse vocals. Yeah, they only gotta rope you in for just over 17 minutes, but they do the trick.

Full Health EP