The Forty Whacks - The Death Of ... (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Forty Whacks

The Death Of ... (2011)


The Forty Whacks are an intriguing amalgam of rock, punk and metal. This six-track EP delivers riffs, melody and power that clearly encompass all three types of music to create something which has a broad appeal and would probably find favour with those who ears are attuned to bands like Linkin Park and System of a Down, whilst not really wholly resembling either of those two bands to any great extent, but having hints of their sound along the way, along with San Diegans, Unwritten Law.

The opening track, "Ever Since That Day" displays more of the rock/metal element of what this band is about, and although I don't tend to listen to that much of those specific genres, it's a strong track with a good, meaty sound. However, for me, one of the two gems on this EP comes next: "Afterbirth" has more of a punk feel to it with the occasional "whoa" thrown in, and it does make me think of a mid-era Unwritten Law.

The high point of this EP is clearly the more punk offering "Death by Electric Care", which has a good pace to it, pushing the song along nicely from beginning to end. With a vocal performance from Johnny Pierro that again reminds me of Scott Russo of Unwritten Law, this is one of the best songs I've heard this year. It has a good, crunchy guitar sound, is catchy, infectious and has some top-notch vocals.

I am surprised at how I like the more rock/metal songs on here, but they're neither too rock nor too metal, and the Forty Whacks are able to meld their music into something that is less genre-specific. The diamonds, though, are clearly "Afterbirth" and "Death by Electric Car", two songs that stand out head and shoulders over the other tracks, perhaps identifying where this band excels.