Too Many Daves - Weekend at Dave's (Cover Artwork)
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Too Many Daves

Weekend at Dave's (2010)


Too Many Daves do not have too many Daves–primarily because that doesn't make any fucking sense. Alright, maybe if you're trying to address someone in this band on stage (or perhaps more often, on floor), it might be difficult, as almost every dude in this band is indeed named Dave. And sure, Weekend at Dave's is a willfully ignorant paean to drinking, misanthropy, drugs, and drinking, but it's hard to deny how locked down the band have it on short, punchy, fun beardpunk songs.

Weekend at Dave's provides just under 22 minutes of a sorely familiar sound, with upbeat, melodic guitar lines and catchy, barked vocals. "Without alcohol, / dudes like us would fail the test," Dave Disorder admits in stumbling, hook-driven opener..."Dudes Like Us". "Just Fuckin' Kill Me" borrows from Off with Their Heads' suicide marches. By "Curb Stomp Your Enthusiasm", the band's given away their formula pretty transparently, but they nail it so well. Also, the sense they basically stole the guitar tone from "Do You Still Hate Me?" and built a band around it provides consistent delight.

There are some change-ups here and there. The slightly slower snarl of "Duderonomy" has a good, simple laugh at Christians, and a random "Cop Killer" cover (Body Count) injects some Negative FX-style, '80s hardcore into the picture (and it's easily the longest track here).

I wouldn't expect a master's thesis here or anything, but if you're looking for a good, somewhat stupid time, Too Many Daves bring the goods...and beer bongs.

Weekend at Dave's