Puppy Mill - Demo [cassette] (Cover Artwork)
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Puppy Mill

Demo [cassette] (2011)


It's not often that I'd think a demo release would warrant a review, but it's really hard to ignore Puppy Mill's nine-track effort that was released on cassette but is also available from a variety of sources as a download.

This four-piece Boston-based female-fronted band manage to evoke memories of some great bands from over the years, both through the steady and strong musicality of the release but also through vocalist Jessica's performance (not only can she sing, but she can miaow too!). Although sounding very much like a band of the new millennium, it cannot be denied that listening to all nine tracks (eight originals and one cover, "Automobile", released in 1977 by the Rings–thanks to Al Quint's review for that information) reminds me of singers like Exene Cervenka and Penelope Houston.

With a thick, deep sound that is maintained throughout all the tracks, Puppy Mill produce tuneful punk rock that has a choppy, garage-y feel to it whilst ensuring that there is an edge to both the music and the message. If this is a demo then I am on tenterhooks to hear what they can manage through a ‘proper' release, although that is not to decry the sound quality here as it certainly doesn't sound as if it was just thrown together.

The other pleasing aspect of these nine tracks is that there is enough variation in terms of style to show that Puppy Mill can step up and provide a musical feast to savour.

Well worth checking out either on cassette or the more easily playable digital download–a band worth keeping an eye on and both ears open for.