Teenage Bottlerocket - Mutilate Me [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Teenage Bottlerocket

Mutilate Me [7-inch] (2011)

Fat Wreck Chords

While I should be grateful for another round of Ramones-indebted pop-punk from Teenage Bottlerocket via new seven-inch Mutilate Me, there's a part of me that wishes the band had held out for another full-length. Instead, fans get one amazing song (the title track), one OK song ("Punk House of Horror"), and a pretty forgettable cover (Bad Religion's "Henchman").

But hey, "Mutilate Me" is really, really catchy. TBR's talent lies in taking simple song structures and wringing massive melodies out of them. "Mutilate Me" is yet another infectious number from a group that's been cranking them out nonstop since 2001. It's kitschy like a Go-Go's tune, too.

"Punk House of Horror" is a solid if unremarkable tune. Compared to previous stabs at spooky songwriting like "They Came from the Shadows" and "In the Basement", it seems like a lesser effort. Same goes for the Bad Religion cover; it's over before you can react.

Still, Mutilate Me's title track is strong enough to justify the seven-inch's existence. If it ever shows up on a future LP, though, I might need to sell this vinyl off.