Iron Chic / Pacer - All In Vinyl Series #7 [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Iron Chic / Pacer

All In Vinyl Series #7 [7-inch] (2011)

All in Vinyl

The first of two 7"s Iron Chic released in Europe (and now available in North America) in conjunction with their 2011 European tour (the other being available from the band on tour), is from the All in Vinyl Series (#7) and features London, England's own Pacer. Each band has contributed two songs to the effort.

Iron Chic's two songs "Those Heads Are Our Heads" and "Climate is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get" are exactly what fans of the group's previous work would come to expect from them. However, I'm not sure if that is a compliment or a criticism. I'm not always a fan of change, but at the same time, hearing something new here and there isn't always a bad thing either. Iron Chic's last album Not Like This was just released in 2010, so to want something that is a whole lot different might be an unrealistic expectation, but I think hearing the same type of lyrical references kind of turned me off slightly. On both mentioned albums, the opening songs contain references to selling one's soul, and while they may only be loosely connected, it still kind of struck me as being redundant. Criticism aside, fans of Iron Chic (and I do consider myself one) will enjoy the two songs the band has offered for this 7".

On the other hand, Pacer's two songs, "Throwback" and "Bricklayer" were both new and unfamiliar to me. Other than knowing that the group is from London, I knew nothing else of them. I was nicely surprised by their two songs: Gruff vocals, fast paced-drums and classic punk guitar riffs make Pacer's contributions the highlights of this collection for me.

Overall, the 7" is worth listening to. I would give it a 7/10 with Pacer's songs being the ones that carried the most weight as aforementioned.

It is available as a European pressing through All in Vinyl (and in North America from Shop Radio Cast) with 100 on blue (available with a series subscription) and 400 on white. The 7" comes with an instant digital download as well.