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Len Bias

Len Bias (2010)


Len Bias is considered to be one of the best American athletes to never play at the professional level, the 22-year-old forward dying ultimately from a cocaine overdose two days after being picked by the Celtics in the 1986 NBA draft. Perhaps Boston act Len Bias broke up so quickly because they wanted to try and establish a similar legacy. While this self-titled EP definitely isn't the musical equivalent of Bias's lauded collegiate career, it's not a bad one-off.

The three track names are an extension of the band's apparent hometown love, seeming to name themselves after public transport directions of some sort. But really, they just provide the labels for lo-fi, nimble indie pop bits. A little bit fuzzy, a little playful, it's a nice little way to spend six minutes. Comparisons are hard to firm down, but I definitely get a bit of a Belle & Sebastian vibe from closer "86 via Harvard". Think "Like Dylan in the Movies" with less refined songwriting and production value.

Len Bias EP