Bandname - Breakfast [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Breakfast [12-inch] (2010)

Self Aware

While the comment section is sure to be filled with (attempted) clever responses, Bandname's moniker is easy to ignore because the band in question provide sprightly, energetic, co-ed garage punk that bashes and jigs quite competently for just under 28 minutes.

The recording is rough around the edges, but the fidelity's a little crisper when compared to their 2009 EP, Insert Hear. While the first couple tracks are decent, melodically fractured romps, the first sign of greater things is "Excitable Boy", an aptly titled, "whoa"-laden riffer with tempo changes, a playful vibe and comparisons I can't quite crack. "Got It All" has one of the album's strongest hooks, expertly laid-down garage chords and a solid solo to help push the finish. There's a little bit of Dylan twang to the vocals in "Another Life", and it's the one really recognizable similarity that could be picked out. Maybe if you want the band to hate you, you could say "Walls" sounds like a Be Your Own Pet demo; if you want them to beam, you could say there's an occasional early Thermals vibe (though certainly not as fiery).

Quick, jagged, and kinda fun. Breakfast is more of an evening romp, but it goes down easy, just like the meal. I guess if you're Ron Swanson, you'll love this.