Restorations - Restorations [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Restorations [12-inch] (2011)

Tiny Engines

Restorations' debut seemed hotly anticipated by the ‘Org, and myself, having got hooked on "Title Track" a while back, so it's odd there's no review yet. But I can tell you now that their formula, a rich sound built up on the basis of folk punk and beardcore, has solidified here, and they've released a truly fantastic record.

Now, when I say "formula" I don't refer to an accepted one. In Restorations, country, folk and blues are present, along with punk and post-hardcore, indie, shoegaze, and even stoner metal (which is attested to in the heavy low end of the recording). And the music is beautiful, I kid you not. Guitars can gently jangle and slide, soar to the skies, rush along in energetic surges, or leave chords hanging and wavering like laundry on a line. The bass is distorted; the drumming is at once tight and loose.

Vocalist/guitarist Jon Loudon has a strong and gravelly voice, which complements the music well and delivers the lyrics perfectly; they deal with nostalgia and remorse, growing up, and want of escape. Sound familiar? Maybe, but to me there is nothing about this record that sounds tired; the lyrics are equally fresh, and I tip my hat to those who wrote them, especially the wonderful "When You're Older" ("I keep hearing we, but they never asked me"). Besides Jon's voice occasionally being mixed a little low, all these elements meld together well and the end result is, as I say, fantastic.

This is a release that will make wizened punks, discerning youths like me, and fans of music in general happy. Grab it by stream, or get the vinyl or download (recommended, as this does take a couple of listens to sink in). You won't regret it.