Weak Teeth - Weak Teeth [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Weak Teeth

Weak Teeth [7-inch] (2010)

The Cottage

Providence act Weak Teeth shoot off their five-song, self-titled 7" in just under nine minutes–four of them clock in under two minutes apiece, and luckily it sounds like the band's trying to make the most of their time. Somewhat darker hardcore with a vaguely melodic tilt and a razor-sharp sort of comprehensible yell/scream, it's a definitively promising start with songwriting that juts out beyond the low-to-mid-fi recording .

The transition in "Facebath" is a little jarring and could have been executed more smoothly, but it's an early moment that shows the band isn't content to play in stagnant tempos all the time. There's a quick, eerie guitar tone that rings out at the start of "You Have Selected 'No'", and I really hope it's something they prolong or explore more in the future; there's also a well-done, more melodic, sing-y part at that track's end. Closer "...And They Shall Inherit the Earth" opens with more rapid ripples of chords; seeming like something out of the '90s screamo playbook, it's definitely some of the most interesting guitar work on the record, as it anchors much of the song.

Weak Teeth's influences aren't the easiest to pick out, and the songs bubble through with interesting little maneuvers. That's a strong sign of a band quickly testing out their abilities and trying to find their voice, and it's consequently a solid first step in such a journey.

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